Shih Tzu (Female)

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Pet typeDogs Breedsshih tzu Life StagesPuppy Age40-45 days

1) Pure breed certificate by Rico pets.

2) Complete assistance on call.

KCI available as per request (Charges apply).

Breed - Toy.

  • Toy breed.
  • The dense coat can reach up to the floor.
  • Eyes look like human eyes.
  • Easy to train as they can tell you what they want.

Weight: 3 - 4 kgs (Adult)

Height: 8 - 11 inches (Adult)

Color: Black, White, Liver, Brindle, Liver & White, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black & White, Blue, Gold

Features -

  • Distinct feature: Small sturdy and an intelligent breed. The attractive feature of them is their eyes look like human eyes. As well one of the least delicate amongst toy breeds.
  • Coat - Their coat is dense, which can even reach up to the floor. Regular grooming is required.

  • Temperament: The packed animals as they are alert, clever, happy, gentle, playful. Easy go with other animals. Also, easy to train as they can tell you what they want. They are a perfect alert watchdog.
  • Activity - They love to go for short daily walks and play indoor games. They also love to play outside.