Saint Bernard (Female)

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40,000 - 50,000
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10 Pieces / day
Pet typeDogs Life StagesPuppy Age40-45 days

1) Pure breed certificate by Rico pets.

2) Complete assistance on call.

KCI available as per request (Charges apply).

Breed - Working.

  • Giant. Strong, muscular dog.
  • Don't like for doing excessive exercise.
  • Having rough and smooth both kinds of coats.
  • Should require long walks daily.

Weight - 120-180 pounds

Height - 36 - 38 inches
Color - Tri-Color

  • Distinct feature - A giant. Strong, muscular dog. Large dogs though don't like for doing excessive exercise. As they are too big in size, they don't adjust to small or compact places. They are great family dogs and loves to be around people. They do not go well in warm or hot climates and prefer to stay in air-conditioned place.
  • Coat - They have rough and smooth both kinds of coats. But both are very dense. Easy to groom. Brushing of coat should be done daily.
  • Temperament - Extremely gentle, friendly and very tolerant especially with kids. They are intelligent and easy to train. Needed to socialize during puppyhood only. They are slow-moving, patient, obedient, well know how to please people. They are extremely loyal as well.
  • Activity - Should require long walks daily, which is beneficial for both mental & physical development of the breed, as well to play brief play sessions.