Labrador (Black, Female)

1 Piece
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14,000 - 30,000
Chocolate Brown
Sply. Capacity
10 Pieces / day
Pet typeDogs Life StagesPuppy Age40-45 days

1) Pure breed certificate by Rico pets.

2) Complete assistance on call.

KCI available as per request (Charges apply).

Breed - Sporting.

Weight - 34 Kgs
Height - 90 cms
Color - Yellow, Black, Brown

Features -

  • Distinct feature - Companion as well as the hunting dog, with some features like - show dog, guide dog, service dog, therapy dog, sniffer dogs, and rescue dog. No doubt these makes the lab most popular dog breed.
  • Coat - They have a long smooth double coat. Requires regular brushing.
  • Temperament - Make a perfect family dog because of its loyality, loving affectionate nature.
  • As they are highly intelligent, good-natured, loves to learn new things as they are highly intelligent. Very well socialized dogs.
  • Activity - Loves in going long walks, runs, and with some serious exercise. Delighted to play and work hard. Breed with the energetic dog always passionate towards exploration.