Golden Retriever (Female)

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35,000 - 45,000
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10 Pieces / day
Pet typeDogs Life StagesPuppy Age40-45 days

1) Pure breed certificate by Rico pets.

2) Complete assistance on call.

KCI available as per request (Charges apply).

Breed - Sporting

  • Natural athletes, agile and competitive.
  • Charmers, lovable, well-mannered & intelligent dogs.

Weight - 36 kgs (Adult)

Height - 61 cms (Adult)

Color - Golden Fawn

Features -

  • Distinct feature - The natural athletes, agile and competitive. The tolerant behavior makes them an extremely lovable pet. One of the most loved pet. In usual, another dog suffers from bad breath, while the golden retrievers are blessed with the soft mouth and smell fresh always.
  • Coat - Water resistant is dense, straight and firm in some it is wavy. Requires regular brushing.
  • Temperament - They are charmers. They are lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs. Easy to train because of their gentle behavior. They really know how to please people and other dogs. Get along with children very well.
  • Activity - They love to go for long walks, runs, and some serious exercise