Beagle (Tri-colour, Female)

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35,000 - 45,000
Lemon colour
Sply. Capacity
1 Piece / day
Pet typeDogs Life StagesPuppy Age40-45 days

1) Pure breed certificate by Rico pets.

2) Complete assistance on call.

KCI available as per request (Charges apply).

Breed: Hound

  • One of the most socializes dog breed.
  • Beagles are the great child companion.
  • Easy adaptable to a different environment.

Weight: 6-8Kgs (Adult)

Height: 30-32 cms (Adult)

Color: Tri-color, Bi-color


  • Distinct feature - One of the most socialize dog breed, due to their lively, active & energetic behaviour. The Beagles are the great child companion as they are alert always and their even temperament lets them not to show any signs of aggression.
  • Coat - Have a very sleek and short haired with a medium length coat, which is easy to groom.
  • Temperament - Happy go lucky dog breed. A wonderful companion & can easily adaptable to the different environment. They are easy to train as they are intelligent. The social nature of them makes extremely well with children and other pets.
  • Activity - Loves for going long walks and are active.